Wednesday, April 14, 2010

you look great in that fanny pack!

i can not believe that i am typing this. brad and i are going to disney world next weekend...whooohooo! but i dont know what to do with my know like my camera. im seriously considering a...dare i say it...fanny pack?! ahh. can i pull it off? idk. i want to. i mean rihanna can pull off it...why cant i?! ....well prob b/c im not rihanna. but hey, what do you think?!
xoxo. manda


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

let me just say that my grandma (you know... she is 74.) just bought a fanny pack the other day downtown. i think i have to strongly urge you against this idea.

The Southern Housewife said...

Hmmmmm...not a fanny pack girl. I have one of those Coach thin purses that you can put the strap across your body. I'm not a Coach girl either but it's the only purse I take when we travel. Enough room for my blackberry, credit cards, some oil blotters and lip gloss. Perfect! Google Coach swingpacks. :)

SuperMom said...

Ew no fanny packs!