Tuesday, September 21, 2010

let's talk about tv.

okay, if you know me...or have read my blog- i think you are fully aware how much i love tv and hollywood in general. i may not know what's going on in africa or that there are pirates off the coast or that there is even a coast in africa but i can tell you everything that is going on in hollywood...who is dating who...who just got arrested for drug charges, beating their wife, falling down...whatever. i know it. and even if you don't like it...i think i'm proud of my knowledge. whatevs. we all have our thing i guess. i should have been in pr.

so, let's talk about tv!

if you remember this then you remember my love for gLee. and tonight it is bacccck!!! yayyyyy! omg, do you know britney music will be featured this season?! i can't wait. i am a 12 year old girl singing to her first cd right now.

tomorrow my other & order, special victims unit is back. oh, oliva & stabler...can you pllllease just make out? i know you want to. as nike would say, just do it. already. geeze.

thursday, friday and saturday there is nothing for me. that's okay, i have plenty in the DVR but i like to think this is because i am mentally preparing for my true love...

and, that's all for now. but i will tell you i did watch DWTS last night and didn't hate it. i love anything and EVERYTHING on e!, too. i'm not going to bore you with all of that :)

a girl shouldn't watch this much tv. or make her poor husband sit through it. although, i swear...he loves the shows, too! haha.


Rach said...

I've wanted Elliot and Olivia to get together for soooo long! You're right, they just need to do it already!

Bri said...

Ahh I love celebrity news. Seriously obsessed. I stalk and perezhilton of course!