Monday, September 27, 2010

menu monday.

monday. salmon stew. yayyyy! first time this it's been raining (cold rain) & now i just cant wait for the stew i grew up eating:)

tuesday. chicken pesto shells.

wednesday. baked spaghetti

thursday. leftovers!

friday. black bean and quesadillas (are amazing)

uhhh. can we talk about this?

From: Manda Ala
To: Bradley Ala
Sent: Mon Sep 27 1:47:08 2010
Subject: (no subject)

hows your rainy monday??

should we have salmon stew tonight?! :)

From: Bradley Ala
To: Manda Ala
Sent: Mon Sep 27 1:56:08 2010
Subject: Re: (no subject)


uhh..really? how could you one person not LOVE salmon stew? i am still making it. i guess i will have to make husband something else! :)

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Rach said...

Ooh I hope you are going to post the recipe for salmon stew-that sounds sooo yummy!