Tuesday, December 14, 2010

just a few random things.

1. bradley has been obsessed lately with hunting and all things manly/country-ish. he even likes to say "hey bo" when we are camping or in the woods and such. yeah, i thought i moved away from upstate sc, too?? hmm. so, the other day bradley sends me this in a email.


2. last saturday was full of love. seriously, hearts everywhere.

on an egg:

and on my sock:

spread the love, people.

3. have i mentioned lately how much we love pepper and how she is totally human?

4. and now, i want to inform you of my very favorite animal. like favorite ever. (besides pepper....who obviously doesn't count....bc she is a HUMAN)

eat more chicken. i have always loved dairy cows. i think they are so cute. once, i was in a pageant and during the interview they asked me why a cow was my fav animal. so i said... i love their utters. they are just so pink and cute. needless to say, i didn't win. :D

that's all. :)

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