Tuesday, February 8, 2011

current obsessions.

~this cheese. my friend britton brought it over the other night. remember how i told you i was eating cheese for supper? well, this is why! it's amazing. yumm. i had it for breakfast this morning. truth. you must taste it now.

~dexter. thank you netflix. a show that both bradley and i enjoy!! i mean, wow. we are on season 4. we watch it a lot all the time. i'm going to be sad when we catch up to real time!

~thanks to michabella i found this website for kate spade e- valentines day cards. i love valentines day. cheesy or not. :) my vday message to you:

~sex and the city on E! i mean, i have always been obsessed with sex and the city and with E! so now my these loves of mine are together and it makes me happy.happy.happy! although, i do hate how much of sexgets cut out.ha. boo.

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ellecupcake said...

It really takes a lot out of the show when they take out all the sex scenes. That sounds like I'm pervin.. but.. its true! Sex and the City is so hilarious. :) I love Dexter too! I'm all caught up, but I would definitley watch it all over again.