Monday, February 7, 2011

still here.

i haven't been doing menu mondays because brad is out of town every week.
:( we are moving to north carolina soon and he is there during the week and home only on the weekends. i move at the end of the month. either way, i haven't really been cooking. in fact, to be honest-i sometimes just eat cheese for supper. that's bad, right? the other night i added chips to my cheese. it was like college nachos. chips covered with cheese and microwaved. blahhhh.

speaking of chips and cheese... this was my favvvvv commerical from last night. gross but delightful.

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ellecupcake said...

hahaha that's so funny! I missed out on the super bowl.. and the commercials. I'm glad to see people posting their favs. :) Oh, and that's hilarious about eating only cheese for dinner. Sometimes I have the weirdest things when I'm alone. :)