Saturday, July 16, 2011

happy birthday jacob!

jacob is the son of my dear friend, shannon (who you have seen on funny friday's! :) jacob loves call of duty so shannon wanted his birthday cake to be an army scene. we made the cake out of cupcakes and were SO happy with the finished result!! we just kept looking at it! happy bithday to jacob!

and shannon, i am so thankful for our friendship! becoming such good friends with you has made the move to nc so much easier! :)

there will be lots more cupcakes cakes in our future!!!


Shanny said...

awww! you are such a sweetie!I am so thankful for your friendship too! :) It's amazing the wonderful people God decides to bless us with. I had a wonderful time being creative with you making Jacob's cake! He LOVED it!


Tamara Nicole said...

That cake is so fun!!! :-)