Monday, July 18, 2011

miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

today i'm linking up with carissa. because she is family and i adore her. and because i like random things.

I think I may be slightly obsessed with jimmy john’s at the moment. All I want to eat is the beach club. In fact, I do believe I will have one for supper tonight.


When I googled to get my image for the beach club my picture from the avocado spread came up! OMG! I just got REALLY excited. It’s not even that good of a picture. Okay, I’m still REALLY excited! ha

Bradley is in Charleston right now. I’m really jealous. I want to go home. South Carolina is just the better of the Carolinas. I'm going home soon for a good friend's baby shower and I just CAN'T wait.


I think smartwater is just better. We had this convo during our staff meeting today. My coworkers don't believe me. But, it is better. Afterall, it is made from the clouds :D I found it on sale for $1 per bottle at Harris Teeter and my insides did a little happy dance.


Friday night I’m going to a Toby Keith concert. I’m not a huge fan but I’m always up for a country concert. As long as he plays his oldies I’ll be one happy girl! COME ON FRIDAY…I need a girls night! :)

that's all my miscellany for the day :) go visit carissa and link up!


Amber said...

I've never eaten at Jimmy John's.. and I don't know why. We have plenty of them around. I should get on that!

I love smart water too! :)

Elizabeth said...

I love Jimmy Johns! I think the sandwich I like is called the Vito/a (or something like that!)

I love smart water but don't drink it often because its so expensive - I am super jealous of the sale you found!

carissa said...

i have yet to eat at jj's. shame on me!

i'm obsessed with avocados. mmmm.

can't wait for you two to move back!!!

i'm going to work on your blog size now. wish me luck, for your sake! ; )

carissa said...

if i mess anything up, forgive me, please?! i'll try my best but i'm no expert.

Cait said...

ha loveee jimmmy johns :) xoxo