Monday, August 1, 2011

parmesan roasted potatoes

i love finding new cooking blogs! when i saw these potatoes i knew i wanted to make them for dinner! i chose to make bite size pieces of potatoes but the original was potato wedges...i think that would be great too! it just happened i only had little red potatoes so i went with the bite size pieces.

they were SO good!

sorry i don't have a picture. i had one but bradley told me it made the potatoes look gross. HA. don't really want that... :)

parmesan roasted potatoes
adapted from how sweet it is

3 lbs of potatoes (i did less than this)

olive oil



italian seasoning

parmesan cheese

cut the potatoes into chucks. toss with olive oil, seasoning, pepper, salt, and parmesan. spread on a baking sheet and bake at 450* for 40-45 minutes. Toss 3-4 times during baking.


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Amber said...

How much oil did you use? Also, you think I could make these with red potatoes? Just cut them in quarters maybe?