Monday, September 5, 2011

food football stadium

it's september! september means it's time for FOOTBALL!! i like football but i get more excited about making game day food...always a fun time!

our good friends, tim and spencer, were in town this past weekend. on saturday USC was playing ECU and spencer is a huge USC fan (bradley and i are clemson fans) so we had to watch the game! we decided for our dinner we were just going to have different apps since the game started at 7...and i remembered seeing a football stadium made of food once so that's what we did!

we also had chicken nuggets and pigs in a blanket but the snacks were all in the stadium!

rice krispy treats around the outside and lime chips and apple straws on the inside. the field was made of cheese dip, spicy guacamole, and salsa. the goal posts were a slim jim and an apple straw :)

we had so much fun making it!


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