Sunday, November 27, 2011

mod podge = LOVE

i love hobby lobby. SO MUCH. that's one thing about about north carolina that is better...there is a hobby lobby!! i didn't realize how awesome mod podge was until i made a gift for a friend, a monogrammed pumpkin. i used my mother-in-laws cricket to cut out the letters. i NEED a cricket! even if i don't scrapbook. i would FIND a reason to cut out letters and shapes :)

so my first mod podge was these pumpkins...

for henry:

for brad and me:

for the pumpkins- using the cricket i cut out the letter i wanted. i used a foam brush and put a layer of mod podge on the pumpkin where i wanted the letter. i put the letter on the mod podge and then put a layer of mod podge over the paper on the pumpkin. i smoothed out the paper and let it dry. finished product was great!

NEXT the girls at work and i put together a basket for a baby shower. i thought we should get scrapbook paper, letters, and mod podge to make letters to go in the basket. they turned out so cute!!

for the wooden letters- i bought the letters at hobby lobby and got a few pieces of scrapbook paper. we tore the paper into small sections. put a layer of mod podge on the wood and wrapped pieces of paper around. then covered with more mod podge. we continued this process until the entire letter was covered. we glued to a solid piece of scrapbook paper and after the letters were completely dry we cut around the paper with a box cutter. so, the end result was the front of the letters as a collage and the back of the letters a solid pattern.

i was so happy with the result of the baby letters i decided i wanted something for our house! since christmas is around the corner i thought a christmas one would be awesome! brad and i did this one together.

we got the letters, burlap, and frame from hobby lobby of course! we were so excited. went home and got to work...a few hours (and drinks) later this was the finished product!!

for these it was the same process as with the other letters. difference is we actually used the mod podge to put the letters on the burlap after they were finished. mod podge is so strong- it held the letters on the burlap just fine!

i think i may be obsessed. :)


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