Wednesday, March 17, 2010

it's the small things...

so sometimes...most of the time...i am a brat. i am spoiled. i know this. my husband knows this. my parents know this. basically i think everyone knows this. i mean is it my fault? i think not. but anyway- i want want want my house to be finished and look like a pottery barn ad. in case you are wondering- it doesn't. i also can not afford for my house to look like a pottery barn ad. but like i said...i want i want i want. see...i am a brat.
but yesterday- i went to pier one. and used a gift card (free money!) and bought these cute plates. i think they totally change the feel of my dining room and i'm thrilled about it. i didn't have to spend a ton. so then i just couldn't help myself- i totally bought myself flowers. i've decided that you don't have to spend a ton on your house to make it look like a pottery barn's all about the small touches. i'm happy as can be with my cute new bird plates. :)
xoxo. manda


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

they are just presh. love them. i still need to come to your house!!! it's so true - you don't have to choose expensive things to make your house a home!

maNda said...

YES! come over!