Thursday, March 18, 2010

and now i have a headache...thanks n2o

see this thing to my left? yeah...that was on my face this morning. i went to the dentist...i haven't been in almost 2 years (i know i know...shame on me) so anyway i lay in the chair and she is like do you want some gas? i have never had gas at the dentist why start now? so i say no i'm a big girl and i can handle getting my teeth cleaned thank you. but then she acts like all the patients do i'm like oh okay well if everyone else does it...i'll do it too. (way to jump off the cliff manda.) so i'm laying there chatting away as usual...not noticing anything different. then i shut up so she can go to work and wham! i'm drunk...or at least that's what it feels like. drunk at 8:30am. i say stupid things at this point and think i'm talking kinda loud...i'm not sure if i really was though. then after it's all finished she gives me oxygen and wham! i'm not drunk anymore. whhhat? weird. so of course i call my mom...cause she was a dental hygienist for like ever...and she's like omg they gave you whhhhat?! so apparently i should not have had gas for a teeth cleaning. then brad goes awesome..we get charged for that? hmmm. good question. idk my bff rose.
NOW i have a headache...i'm not sure if it is from my drunken morning but i will go ahead and blame it on that.
would you have taken the gas? tell me yes.
xoxo. manda


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i'm never in the mood to feel pain, so yes, i so would've gone for the gas! hope your head feels better fast!

xoxoEmma said...

lmao. manda marlene. you crack me up