Monday, May 3, 2010


i'm back! :)

1. my first concert was hanson. i loved them. i was obsessed with them. i wore hanson t-shirts to school. this was 5th grade.
2. i can flip my tounge around in my mouth. as in i can make it go upside down. it's amazing and i love doing it. weird.
3. if i don't like the way something looks that i've written...i will write it all over again just so my handwritting is pretty. grocery list that looks sloppy? yep, im re-writing it.
4. i love to bake. but... often times i skip the hard work and just buy the boxed cakes. i mean, from scratch takes so effort. ahhh. dont call me a baker just yet. a real baker would never.



carissa @ lowercase letters said...

#3 - i used to be the same way. then i became a mom. no time for rewriting.

Rachel said... time for rewriting. I TOTALLY get that. Completely.

In fact, this comment might not make sense, but sigh...I've got no time to rewrite.