Thursday, October 21, 2010

halloween makes you scream!

halloween. michael myers. yayyyy! i love scary movies. love love love them. sadly, my husband and my friends (in seems) do not love scary movies like i do. here is my favorite..

photo source.

andddd i have always and i do mean ALWAYS loved the movie SCREAM! i remember watching the original over and over and over. i mean, billy and stu?! how could they possibly be the killers? and scream 2...billy's mom? whhhhat? and scream 3...roman, sidney's half brother? what? who knew she had a half brother?! i didnt..... ohhh and dewey and gale...engaged?! yay. wes craven, you make me proud.

okay... all of this was leading up to me telling you about something i am SERIOUSLY looking forward to..... SCREAM 4 people! whooohooo! the trailer just came out...take a peek!!!!! yippee:)

i will be counting down these days to this movie! will you?


daniela said...

That actually looks entertaining!!! I don't think i've seen the 3rd one, and i'm not even sure about the 2nd one but there's plenty of time to catch up! :)

Rach said...

I loooveee the original Halloween! I have only seen the first Scream movie but I am excited to see the new one. Have a great Thursday!

Claire Kiefer said...

OMG SCREAM 4??? Crazy! I think I'd need to go through and watch the first three again to remind myself who the killer was in each one, ha. This sure would make me nostalgic, though!