Wednesday, October 13, 2010


i was playing hand games with my little sister the other week, you know...miss mary mack mack mack all dressed in black black black...etc. well, i was RACKING my trying to remember miss suzie. i refused to google it. i needed to remember. then the other night after a cocktail (go figure) i remembered! and i was so happy. the next night i told all my friends. apparently, not all girls learned this little song the same. there is even a version of miss lucy! weird, i know.

this is how i remember it...

Miss Suzie had a steamboat
The steamboat had a bell. TOOT TOOT!
Miss Suzie went to heaven
The steamboat went to
Hell-o operator connect me number 9
and if you disconnect me I’ll kick you in
Behind the refrigerator there was a piece of glass,
Miss Suzie stepped upon it almost broke her
Ask me no more questions, tell me no more lies
That’s what Miss Suzie said the day before she died!

here are some other ways to sing it. :)

how did you learn it?!


Michele said...

Hahahaah! I rememeber singing something like this too, but don't think it went the same way? Either way though, thanks for bringing back memories! :)

ellecupcake said...

haha! I remember that song. I said it basically the same way. i used to feel like such a rebel while (almost) swearing when you sing it. :D