Monday, October 25, 2010

real meals are taking a backseat

so i am already a realtor. have been for a long while now.

but now i work for a property management company. and i have to get that license. (really annoying that i can't just use my real estate license)

so for the next 2 weeks after work i will be in property management classes until 10pm. yeah, 10pm everynight. kill me now.

what i'm getting at here is...i will not be making any real meals considering i will have no time to eat. no menu this week. i guess i will be on a liquid diet for the next 2 weeks. but hey, that might do my body good:) skinny jeans, here i come.

my sweet husband would like to eat, though, so maybe i'll make some casseroles for him. something like...fiesta chicken casserole


Michele said...

Best of luck dear! YOU CAN DO IT! :)

courtney said...

maybe my spoiled brother can fix his own food while you are slaving away in class. better yet...he can fix YOUR dinner and you can take it with you! good luck with class!

Cindy said...

Am a Realtor too and totally get where you are coming from... good luck honey!!