Wednesday, November 10, 2010

wonton chips & wasabi guacamole

my new favorite snack. my friend, tobey, brought these to a girls night last week and i could not get enough of them! i made a batch the next day...and have had some around since! yum.

wonton chips.

what you need-

-wonton wrappers.
-sesame seed oil.

what you do
take the wonton wrappers and cut in half.

brush with sesame seed oil.

add salt and pepper. (i used crushed pepper...adds a better taste)

bake at 400* for 5 minutes.

tobey served these with wasabi guacamole. i haven't made this yet but it's seriously delish!

wasabi guacamole.

what you need-

-1 tsp lemon zest
-1 tbsp of lemon juice
-2 tbsp of reduced fat sour cream
-2 tsp of wasabi paste
-2 avocados

what you do-

Mix in blender until smooth.

Serve with wonton chips.


Anonymous said...

Wasabi guacamole!? Yes please!! Sounds amazing--thanks for sharing the recipe. I adore avocados . . .

Rach said...

These look so yummy! I love guacamole and this recipe is a great way to switch it up from the same old kind that I usually make!


Sounds good!!!