Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ron Paul Cupcakes

My dear friend Shannon’s husband is a HUGE Ron Paul supporter. His birthday was yesterday so Shannon and I were talking on Monday about what kind of cupcakes we could do for him. As you know, Shannon and I have been on a cupcake-making kick lately…see Call of Duty, Skating… (and there was a Taylor Swift cupcake cake that I realized I never blogged about! must do. it was adorbs!)

Shannon couldn’t help this go around due to her schedule but I was determined Ron Paul cupcakes would be had for Kevin’s birthday. I mean, seriously, Ron Paul is like the ONLY thing Kevin posts on facebook, he was him for Halloween, and I’ve pretty much only seen him wearing Ron Paul shirts. Oh, and they have a flag by their mailbox in their yard. Yep, BIG Ron Paul supporter! Ha :)

I cut up a pizza box, taped it, and painted it gray. I found all the pictures of Ron Paul on the Internet and proceeded to cut them and Modge Podge them onto the pizza box. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out even if it was a pizza box!

The cupcakes were strawberry with cream cheese icing and from what I hear they were a hit!!

happy birthday, kevin!

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