Monday, August 16, 2010

menu monday

i am making a whole roasted chicken in the crockpot on tuesday so we will be eating lots of chicken this week!  for lunches i am going to make chicken salad with the rotisserie chicken from the crockpot!

monday- blt’s

tuesday- crockpot rotisserie chicken & veggies on the side

wednesday- chicken enchiladas (with leftover rotisserie chicken)

thursday- baked spaghetti

friday- our good friends, tim & spencer, will be here so we will probably go out to celebrate brad’s birthday!

other- beach snacks (not sure what yet) for brad’s birthday celebration on saturday. and birthday cupcakes (again, not sure!) 

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Stephanie said...

I am always jealous of people who have it together enough to plan a weekly menu! I really need to start doing that. Thanks for the inspiration.