Wednesday, August 25, 2010

life is in session.

so last night a few of my girl friends and i went to see the switch. it was an awesome girls night movie. short version: kassie(jen aniston) wants a baby but isnt married and/or doesn't have a man. wally(jason bateman) is her bff. kassie has a get pregger party and the sperm donor is there. he does his business and its in a cup in the bathroom. drunk wally preforms a little switch of the juices. kassie moves away when she finds out she is knocked up but returns 7 years later. and then the movie gets adorable. mostly because of the darling little kid. he is so funny and WEIRD but amazing. okay, this wasn't short. basically, go see the movie...its fabulously funny.

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Bri said...

I want to see this so bad!